close-up of tablets in pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Conveyor in Bangladesh


Sanitation and safety are of extreme importance in the pharmaceutical industry, and it starts and ends with your conveyor system – from blending to packaging. ROLLO understands that with a variety of different belting – from plastic to SS  – you need a partner who can address all your challenges. That’s why we offer air-cooled endless splicing tools that help you get your conveyors up and running again quickly. Rollo offered you the best quality conveyor belt in Bangladesh. 

“ROLLO also offered you a whole conveyor system in Bangladesh, With easy installation and disassembly for regular cleaning and sanitation, our conveyor systems are the perfect fit for pharmaceuticals.”

The pharmaceutical industry has many specific needs – from high-speed bottle filling and filling drums with pills, to blister pack processing and off-line inspections – all while maintaining a sanitary environment.  “Rollo Industrial Solutions” is able to offer solutions in all of these areas.  Our Clean Move, stainless steel frame, conveyors are very popular in this industry; however, some customers prefer the versatility of our aluminum frame conveyors.  

ROLLO offers a full line of belt, chain, and roller conveyors perfectly suited to the production and packaging of pharmaceutical or personal care products. Now no need to purchase from abroad ROLLO offered you the whole conveyor system.


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